I am lucky that nice and forthcoming people invite me to their
homes and talk about how they found their love for folklore.
These homes almost always have one thing
in common. The common denominator is our majolica of Modra.


Playful, colourful, cheerful and trendy, such is
the jewellery named Solčianky. When I went to visit
Solčany, I had no idea what a rich collection of folk
costumes and their parts wait for me there.


The hidden is exceptional and beauty is always a little sad. It is a grain that marks the beginning of everything. The grain as big as the original idea. The most fascinating story is a story of how a pearl is made.


By knowing the characteristics of our Slavic goddesses,
we discover that each of us has a piece of
them inside us. Goddesses inspire us, give
us energy, motivate us to do better.


In the darkest corners of our sad soul,
embroidered on a black funereal brocade,
grow the most beautiful flowers.


Young fledgeling, unfettered and curious, flies into the world. World in which meadows full of beautiful flowers and fields filled with endless amount of golden spikelet open up in front of it. It is a world without boundaries, because birds know no boundaries. Fly fledgelings, fly.


The Sarra Collection brings lightness of being in the form of fresh colours into the life of every femme fatale. The new collection of jewellery is inspired by the traditional art of Slovak embroidery dedicated to the second-born daughter Sarra. Collection is a celebration of life and joy from new beginnings.


Jewels, full of emotion, symbols of love and family happiness. Collection inspired by ancient slovak folk embroidery, which is re-made to represent glossy modern time. It is names after Petra's daughter. Mileva is an ancient slovak name and means beloved - loving.


Colourful collection is a celebration of spring, in which stylish tulips and colourful songbirds dominates. The theme of symbolic bird, which flew from the golden cage evokes a feeling of freedom and happiness.