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Beautiful, beautiful

Beautiful, but...
but I don't like the braids.
but why is she wearing these ugly braids?
but that hair, it looks terrible.
but why is she wearing braids if she makes folklore-inspired jewelry?
but when she works with folklore motifs, she could have a more Slavic face and appearance.
but she is too dark, making Slovak jewelry, she should be blond.
but she has eyebrows like Brezhnev.
but such thick eyebrows do not suit her face.
but focus on the jewelry and don't take pictures.
but she could dress differently for her age.
but she should be skinnier if she wants to take pictures in leggings
but why does she have hair like Tymoshenkova?
but you should shoot jewelry on more ordinary models.
but she is too skinny.
but she is too young.
but she is overly affected.
but she looks like from an adult movie.
but why is she frowning?
but why so gloomy?
but I don't like it;
I have a right to express my opinion. When she posts herself on the Internet, she must expect criticism.

Do we really have to hurt each other? After all, none of us has the right to judge the appearance of others. Because, in reality, we are all beautiful whether we have short hair, long hair, red, purple, green. Whether we are older, young, or the oldest. Whether we are skinny or chubby. Beauty is hidden in us, inside us, and it doesn't matter how we look on the outside. Being beautiful means being tolerant, humane, and loving. Beauty is without conditions. Beauty is without BUT.