Cold but righteous Morena, beautiful Lada,
mother Mokoša. We no longer perceive Slavic
goddesses very much, but they were very close
to our great-grandmothers. They relied on them,
begged them, consulted with them. The goddesses
were omnipresent. They determined and guided
the daily lives of our ancestors, the changing
of the seasons and the vital agricultural cycles.
It seems today that these goddesses have
disappeared. We do not realize their presence
anymore. We do not remember them.

But can anything that has accompanied us from birth to death, tens of generations, thousands of years disappear? No, the Slavic goddesses are still here, but they are somewhat subtler. It does not mean that they hide only in legends, outdoor museums and at folklore festivals. They have turned into archetypal beings that we carry in our common subconsciousness.

Are they looking at us from above, or are they inside of us, even if we do not realize it? By knowing the characteristics of our Slavic goddesses, we discover that each of us has a piece of them inside us. Goddesses inspire us, give us energy, motivate us to do better. Whether we are looking for a cure for cancer or we are conductors, harpists, anthropologists, or vegan bloggers.