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An unforgettable love story is hidden in a poem Marína
by Andrej Sládkovič. Love for woman, love for life and the
country. Most people know the epic story of love between
Andrej and Marína. In this story, you can find desire and
sadness at the same time. Our whole life with its ups and
downs are hidden in this poem. It is not a fictional story,
Andrej was writing the poem for years and just as each of
us has changed over the years, so has his love for Marína.

At the beginning he burns with desire, later he curses the moment when they met and praises the beauty and savagery of our country. Few people know that Andrej gave Marína a ring. When I found out, I decided to develop the jewellery symbolizing their fulfilling love. Forget-me-nots, as their name suggests, are flowers symbolizing an inseparable feeling. Often boys and girls gave this flower to their love so they would not forget about them. Out of love, so they would keep them in mind.