Is the jewellery safe for my health?

All jewellery from the Petr Toth studio is produced using modern techniques and unique technology of the highest quality, it is made of certified materials that are not harmful to human health, it comes from renowned suppliers, and it undergoes quality tests.

What is it made of?

The metal used to produce Petr Toth jewellery is not harmful to human health, it doesn't contain nickel, and it is anti-allergenic. Petr Toth jewellery is produced out of brass or steel plated with silver or gold colour and shades of them. The entire scale of colours used for colouring the jewellery is not harmful to health at all.

What stones are used in the jewellery?

Only natural and healing stones are used for Petr Toth jewellery. The stones have not been coloured or undergone any other unnatural modifications.

Which crystal is used in the jewellery?

The studio uses high quality certified Czech crystal, which competes on an equal level with Swarovsky crystal. The unique brilliant cut and colour stability guarantee excellent crystal light reflection.

How to handle the jewellery?

Do not wear the jewellery when you're asleep. Avoid playing sport when you're wearing it. Store the jewellery in areas without aggressive chemicals. Preferably in jewellery boxes or in separate boxes intended for it – lined with soft material.