Cockerels of Čičmany

Let's be part of the history for our descendants,
the history that we not only live today but that
we also create. And the detachment from history
and stepping out of its shadow inspired me to
create jewelry. I kept the original yellow color
of the folk costume worn by Cicman women; I used
the original symbols and focused on the most
interesting pattern, namely the Cicman rooster.

Every time I looked at this geometrical little bird, it seemed to me as trapped in an endless prison of sharp lines. I needed to set this golden rooster free. To give it back its original shape, give it back its true form so that it can fly and crow. As it was a rooster and its crowing that used to have a mystical significance, it was supposed to protect the wearer from curses and evil forces. However, I left it with a geometrical tail as a memento of our roots, which will keep it on the ground forever so that it does not fly too far into the sky.

Cicman roosters are the most intricate jewelry we have ever created. In order to preserve the geometricity of the tail, we had to make molds for custom-made stones with a special chamfering so that they could decorate our tails faithfully according to the geometrical design, So that you can find in the jewelry Cicmany not from the past, but Cicmany of the present. It is my legacy that the pattern would not be trapped in a village without a future, but that Cicmany will come to life in the present time, and it can only be done with your help.