Playful, colourful, cheerful and trendy,
such is the jewellery named Solčianky.
When I went to visit Solčany,
I had no idea what a rich collection of folk
costumes and their parts wait for me there.

I have noticed embroidery of Solčany in a book about folk costumes some time ago, because of one small detail. The beautiful colour and geometric embroidery on the corners of the apron. I have never seen the folk costume from Solčany in person and I did not know that their costumes had such rich embroidery, not only on the corners of the apron but also on the cap.

The detail on the corners of the apron seemed very exceptional to me, I had never encountered such embroidery before and it immediately inspired me to make my own stylized embroidery, transformed into geometric and yet ornamental brooches and then into whole sets. I have created 4 exceptional sets, different earrings for each of the brooches as if they were embroidered by the local women themselves.