The Detvian Crosses series
deals with the theme of
the fusion of our original
protective symbols and
the symbols of Christianity.

„I have had many different experiences on my travels across Slovakia. One of them was an unplanned stop in Detva, which we did with our children on our way to eastern Slovakia in the summer. I had no idea that there is an exhibition of beautiful wooden Detvian crosses.“

„I often read about disputes between the proponents of our original culture, of which only fragments are unfortunately left, and the elated proponents of the 'new' religion in our territory. This dispute was the main reason why I had never wanted to work with the topic of Detvian crosses. Recently, however, something that none of us expected has happened. A fratricidal war has begun. “

„The experience I had as a volunteer at a border, which can be called transcendental, led me to an idea. It is the time to use the theme of the fusion of our original faith and the new faith.

The world needs faith in humanity, and for me, the Detvian crosses embody everything the world really needs at the moment. Faith in peace, in humanity, and for many, faith in God or in our original gods. “