The #Lily series covers
a gentle theme with a flavor
of spring, and these beautiful
jewels were created with
the help of beautiful spring flowers
of saffron, pasque flower,
and lily of the valley.

„We came to Terchová in early spring, so we went on a short hike. We were completely alone there, and the paths were lined with icicles. As we ascended, we saw that the hike is turning into wading in the snow. We turned and went back a different way; behind that icy forest path, a beautiful meadow full of small clusters of purple dots opened up in front of us. We were greeted by thousands of saffrons, waiting impatiently for the first rays of spring. Every romantic soul wants to start flying at that moment so that their clumsy gait wouldn't damage any of these rare and fragile purple flowers.“

„For me, my work is like a diary, a diary of what I have experienced. I could not leave this breathtaking and absolutely unexpected experience unprocessed. While in the previous series, I worked with the strength and steadfastness of women, Lily is a direct continuation and, at the same time, the exact opposite; it is tenderness and fragility in us and in the nature around us.“