Young fledgeling, unfettered and
curious, flies into the world.
World in which meadows full of
beautiful flowers and fields
filled with endless amount
of golden spikelet open up in
front of it. It is a world
without boundaries, because
birds know no boundaries.
Fly fledgelings, fly.

Symbol of little bird is the most often depicted animal motive in man made products. They always fascinated the people for their qualities that seemed special and supernatural to men. With the help of its wings it can free itself of earth’s bounds and fly towards heavenly heights, towards sun, freely soar above the earth. It was believed that it was an ambassador between heaven and earth. The symbol of a bird was used especially during rituals or with love objects.

From plants, grain was of special significance, which was also the basis of the food of Slavs. The stems with two or more spikelets were kept for next sowing and were believed to be a guarantee of a good harvest. Old Slavs cured with the help of healing herbs, therefore the most sewn ornaments were those of flowers. We looked for the Inspiration for the fledgeling collection in beautiful murals of vajnorian ornament, where the central motives were birds, grain and flowers.