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The hidden is exceptional and
beauty is always a little sad.
It is a grain that marks the beginning of everything.
The grain as big as the original idea.
The most fascinating story
is a story of how a pearl is made.

The grain is an intruder. The shell never gets rid of the grain, on the contrary: the shell accepts the grain and becomes a part of it. It is then turned into something perfect - a pearl. It doesn’t happen in one day, it takes an infinite amount of time. The shell slowly covers the grain in nacre and endlessly cares for it. Only in the end do they live in a perfect symbiosis. Nature teaches us how to deal with negative events in life. After all, the negative always pushes us further than the positive.

Pearls are a symbol of the power of nature, a power that turns all evil into something wonderful. We present you the very first limited collection of jewellery, which we will not make or sell ever again. We present you the LUBINA collection.