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From corner sail

In the past our ancestors believed in various
superstitions and rituals. Everything had its order
and reason, it was no different when the child
was born. One of the strongest rituals was placing
the mother and a newborn baby in a corner behind
corner sail for six weeks.

The corner sail was mostly embroidered or decorated. If not, a red ribbon was attached to it. In this corner, the mother layed separated on the bed from the rest of the family, devoting herself to nothing but her newborn baby. The family carried the food to her sail and took care of her needs.

The mother was not allowed to come out from behind the sail. Only selected people could get behind the sail. First was allowed the midwife, later woman from kinship, but never man or siblings. Corner sail provided intimacy and peace and protected them from any infection and evil forces. Corner sail was decorated with embroidery, almost always there was symbol of a rooster or a stylized bird, who was ment to protect them from evil forces or enchantment. This embroidery was always in pair and opposite to each other. We can´t forget the tulip and heart as symbol of love. Flowers, leaves and hay ment growth and fertility.