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Whenever I travel to do my own research on folk
costumes, I am not only inspired by embroidery,
I am also inspired by the environment in which
folk costumes were created, beautiful nature,
architecture, people and their stories.
I am lucky that nice and forthcoming people
invite me to their homes and talk about how
they found their love for folklore.
These homes almost always have one
thing in common. The common denominator is
our majolica of Modra.

You will not find a house without a jug or a plate with a beautiful blue or colourful pattern. This pottery is so common that almost no one notices it. Except for me. When I saw the majolica plate, proudly displayed on a special shelf or attached to the wall, in the fifth house in a row, I thought: it must be a sign. Why not do something that supports such a deep tradition as ceramics of Modra?

This pottery is one of our most valuable legacies and has gone through several turbulent times over the years. I believe that my Majolica will help remind people that Slovak folklore does not have to be only in costumes and folklore festivals but it is also an immediate part of our everyday life, whether in the form of the jewellery or the handbag I created or through pottery whose history dates back until the 14th century.