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Slovakian epopee

22. December 2015


Stylized tulips and colourful songbirds prevail in varicoloured collection which is a celebration of the spring. Theme of symbolic imagery of the bird which „flew out of the golden cage“ evokes feeling of freedom and fortune. Contrast, symmetry and noble proportions characterize the echo of a spirit and heart of our fathers and mothers depicted in the ornament. Words can hardly describe this collection of jewels which is hiding the mystery of our ancestors in harmony with the nature.

While designing the Slovakian Epopee 2 collection I was wondering how to distinguish this new collection from the previous one. I had the desire to bring more harmony to this concept, also colourfulnesss, tenderness as well as symbolism. I wanted to present more diverse handcrafted jewelry and thus to create an impression that our new collection truly reflects my craft. For this purpose, I reached back into the history of Slovak folk ornaments.

When looking at the complex ornamental embroidery designs together with the upcoming Christmas holidays it evoked in me the connection based on snowflake symbol. Bouquets of spring flowers were bringing me into the world of fairy tales. Each piece of jewelry is hand-painted with the miniature brush using jeweller’s enamel.

Symbolic representation of a bird which flew from the golden cage evokes in me a sense of freedom and happiness. I believe that wearing jewelry from the Slovakian Epopee 2 collection will evoke similar feelings in you as I had experienced while creating this collection.