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Small oval earrings Petra Toth

Oval earrings in a smaller design, the shape of which is inspired by an ornament from the Petr Toth logo. Earrings in gold color complemented by two beads that give them the necessary elegance. Jewelry is dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the brand and is supposed to prove that if a person is really... MORE >

3,2 cm x 1,4 cm

Recycled gilded brass, decorative pearls

This year, my brand is celebrating 15 years, and I have allowed myself to create something just for myself. Something to celebrate the most adventurous journey I naively took 15 years ago. Something that will remind me forever that if a person is truly determined and hardworking, they can build... MORE >

Avion Shopping Park Bratislava, Bratislava - available

Eurovea - nákupné centrum, Bratislava - available

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