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Crossbody bag Petra Toth

"A unique black handbag with pearls and a gold Petra Toth logo made for all women who like to stand out. The handbag is suitable for everyday wear, and its beautiful and thoughtful design makes it look like a piece of jewelry itself. The bag has a main zipped compartment, and there is a small... MORE >

Height: 13 cm
Width: 18 cm
Depth: 7 cm

Length of adjustable straps:
- Shorter fabric strap with Petra Toth logo: 50 cm - 88 cm
- Longer fabric strap with Petra Toth logo: 67 cm - 89 cm
- Adjustable eco-leather strap: 67 cm - 89 cm

The handbag is made of quality eco-leather (vegan and cruelty-free), and the pearls are decorative.

This year, my brand is celebrating 15 years, and I have allowed myself to create something just for myself. Something to celebrate the most adventurous journey I naively took 15 years ago. Something that will remind me forever that if a person is truly determined and hardworking, they can build... MORE >

Avion Shopping Park Bratislava, Bratislava - available

Aupark Košice, Košice - available

99,00 €

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