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Medium Circles Earrings

A charming combination of colours that will captivate you at first sight. Gold-plated earrings with flower detail in emerald green. The most used pattern of embroidery was mainly flowers, so the inspiration for the creation of this collection were not only flowers, medicinal plants, but also the character of a bird. The bird symbol is... MORE >

Circle diameter: 6cm

The jewellery is made of gold plated brass, features Czech crystal.

Young fledgeling, unfettered and curious, flies into the world. A world, in which meadows full of beautiful flowers and fields set with infinite golden ears. It is a world in which boundaries don’t exist, because birds don’t know boundaries. Fly birds fly. The symbol of a bird is most often portrayed animal theme ... MORE >

Eurovea - nákupné centrum, Bratislava - available

75,00 €

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