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Medium Circles Earrings

Jewelry - Earrings

The jewellery is made of gold plated brass, features Czech crystal. Price is including box with logo Petra Toth.

Circle diameter: 6cm

Young fledgeling, unfettered and curious, flies into the world. A world, in which meadows full of beautiful flowers and fields set with infinite golden ears. It is a world in which boundaries don’t exist, because birds don’t know boundaries. Fly birds fly. The symbol of a bird is most often portrayed animal theme in folk themed production. Since the beginning, people were fascinated by its characteristics, these seemed exceptional and supernatural to us. With the help of its wings, birds can quickly detach from the ground, fly up into the heavenly skies , to the sun, and freely float above the earth. It’s been said that birds are messengers between heaven and earth. The symbol of a bird was most often used during ceremonies, or seen on romantic subjects. The symbol of wheat had an unusual meaning, it was also the base element of Slavic diet. Grain stalks with two or more ears were put aside and planted in the next sowing, it was believed this would guarantee quality of future harvest of crops. The old Slavs used flowers for healing purposes hence why floral motives are most often seen. The inspiration for our Bird collection were beautiful murals found in the “Vajnory” ornaments. It’s main focus was primarily on birds, wheat and flowers.

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