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Face and body pearls stickers

Pearl stickers suitable for the body and face as an unmissable accessory to jewelry pieces from the Anička series. 165 beads in 4 sizes, coated on the underside with glue, are ready for immediate use. The Anička series is a perfect combination of men's elements in the women's theme and is inspired by the embroidery... MORE >

165 beads in 4 sizes

The jewelry series "Anička" tells the story of life and great love of our Slovak national hero Jánošík. Anička was Juraj Jánošík's greatest love. Therefore we took typically male ornamental elements from men's folk costumes, the so-called "lacings," and depicted the struggle between good and evil that goes along the... MORE >

Eurovea - nákupné centrum, Bratislava - available

Avion Shopping Park Bratislava, Bratislava - available

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Black and white earrings AničkaBlack and white earrings Anička

Black and white earrings Anička

Brooch ornament with pearlsBrooch ornament with pearls

Brooch ornament with pearls