The Flowers of Telgart

4. August 2019


The Flowers of Telgart are the outcome of my longtime study of folklore traditions, symbols and ornaments. Telgart is a village in the center of Slovakia amidst 3 national parks, in the absolute hear of pure, untouched nature. It is one of the coldest areas in Slovakia and despite the fact that life in that area (upper basin of river Hron) was extremely hard, the dresses were exceptionally richly embroidered. I was also absolutely fascinated by the contrast of flower embroidery on black brocade. Why Flowers in darkness? That was the thought that I had in my head while I was creating.

So why flowers in the darkness?

I don’t know :). Today when you go to grandmas and ask them why this was embroidered in this and this way, they sadly cannot answer. I asked them what flowers were embroidered on the aprons and no one knows. The women often personalized their aprons. But one thing is one hundred percent – every dress was absolutely unique due to the embroidered flowers. What is also exceptional for this area is that the flowers were embroidered by shadowing, which is not a simple thing to do with embroidery. That is why we tried to put as much shadowing into the collection as possible. The flowers and leaves are shadowed by Kristal and jewelry enamel. The Flowers of Telgart collection is the most technologically complex collection we ever made.

What is the story behind Flowers of Telgart?

As every collection, also this one reflects my current inner setup. All of us women are for me the Flowers of Telgart. Every one of us wants to be beautiful, wants to be a good wife, a good mother... but every one of us bears a great deal of sorrow as well. Sorrow from past disappointments, unfulfilled expectations or family tragedies. That’s why I like the thought that the most beautiful flowers grow in the darkest corners of our sad soul very much. Like beautiful pink, violet and red flowers on a deep dark black brocade. With Flowers of Telgart, I look for women who are in this with me, who experience the joys, worries and fears the same, whose life and world is not artificially perfect. Those women, who will support each other will understand. We are the Flowers of Telgart which bloom even on a black brocade.

Who is the face of the campaign?

Two young sisters whose families descend directly from Telgart became the faces of the campaign. When I visited a grandma, who has an enormous collection of dresses, there were her granddaughters on holiday. They were beautiful, polite and humble. Both of them are, as their families and the generations before them, folklore artists. I cannot imagine anyone more fit to photoshoot the collection with than those two. Pure, beautiful with folklore in their hearts. Whether our folklore and traditions will survive rests in their hands and I place all my hopes in them.
Laura and Vanessa grew up and bloomed in Telgart. I believe they will never forget their roots.

The Flowers of Telgart collection

Material: Gold-plated brass with pink gold, Czech crystal, jewelry enamel.

Jewellery from the collection can be ordered from 18.8.2019 10:00 at our e-shop, or bought in our store in shopping center Eurovea in Bratislava.

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